[ejabberd] two questions

kaan kaan kaanvlbg at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 02:03:37 MSD 2007

 In MUC, the roles (owner, admin, moderator...) are based in the Jabber> ID, not in the nickname.>> If 'bob at example.org' is owner of the chatroom 'test', and another> person joins the room with nick 'bob', there is no problem: only> bob at example.org has the privileges of owner. 

i know this, but it is annoyingly when someone uses the nicks of admins when the admins aren't in the room.

>>> Another topic: any user can register a nick in the MUC service.> For example, bob at example.org can register the nick 'bob', in the MUC> service. This way, only him can use that nick in the chatrooms.> 

hmm how can register nick on muc service, i search to this.

my biggest problem is with adding contacts to the list.
they don't get a subscription popup and they don't see each other online or offline? why this ??

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