[ejabberd] Wildfire/Openfire User Export Plugin -> ejabberd odbc migration script

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Fri Sep 21 14:15:16 MSD 2007


attached is a first release of the wildfire/openfire -> ejabberd odbc  
migration script.

It in the "I migrated my own server with it and it worked fine, as  
fair as I can tell"-state.

There are some openfire roster item state combinations that are not  
covered yet, I'll improve it further. Patches also welcome :).

Make it executable and run it without parameters for usage. But  

./x-convert-wildfire-to-ejabberd --host your_mysql_host --database  
the_ejabberd_database_for_the_wildfire_domain --user user --password  
pass export_file.xml

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Pedro Melo
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