[ejabberd] Relationship between J-EAI and ejabberd?

Tom Samplonius tom at samplonius.org
Sun Sep 23 03:07:30 MSD 2007

  It seems that J-EAI is based on ejabbered, but J-EAI has not been updated in quite a while.  Is J-EAI still maintained?

  Does ejabbered have the same subpub support as J-EAI (XEP-0060)?  It looks that way.

  I'm looking for a simple messaging system to to queue up background processing from a web site.  Basically to handle those tasks that take too long to serve during the web request.  But I need something that won't lose messages easily either.  It seems that some people are using ejabberd for this, though there is not real information about this in on the wiki.


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