[ejabberd] vcard/profile questions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Sep 25 01:24:56 MSD 2007

> Using ejabberd 1.1.4...  I have mod_vcard enabled globally with the
> default settings.  Setting, getting, and searching vcards seems to work
> as advertised for all virtual domains.
> I can't search vcards with Gajim.  I'm able to "discover" the service,
> but can't open it.  I'm able to use Gajim to search jabber.org's vcards
> from my jabber.org profile.  Is there anything with jabber.org's
> configuration?

Nothing special as far as I know.

> Is there a size limit for avatars?

No but there are recommendations in the specs.

At the jabber.org service we limit the size of packets to 65k (thus
avatars need to be smaller than that).

> If not, is there a way to detect and
> remove a large avatar from a vcard?

Not automatically as far as I know. We do that manually on the jabber.org
service (note to self: write cron job to handle it).

> Is there a size limit for the entire vcard?

No but there may be service-level restrictions such as we have at
jabber.org (which are not specific to vCards on our service).

> What is the typical average
> vcard size per user?

Not sure, but I could run a postgres query at jabber.org and tell you what
I find. :)

> What is the difference between mod_profile and mod_vcard?  Is
> mod_profile a replacement for mod_vcard?

Not sure.

> It was mentioned earlier that jabber.org suffers from performance
> problems due to a large vcard database.  Is this because they're running
> 32-bit and have a 2GB limitation on the mnesia tables?  I've compiled
> erlang/ejabberd as 64-bit, so will I not have these same limitations?

We had some people with very large vCards (probably due to very large
avatars). When they logged in ejabberd was not so happy. We removed the
large vCards and things were better. I don't think this was specifically
related to running on a 32-bit machine with limited RAM (though we do plan
to purchase a 64-bit machine before too long).


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