[ejabberd] [just for fun] erlang/ejabberd on nokia n800 device

Igor Goryachev igor at goryachev.org
Wed Sep 26 16:27:06 MSD 2007

Badlop <badlop at gmail.com> writes:

> An image for History?


>> I've run erlang (R11B-5) and ejabberd (1.1.4) on my Nokia N800 device
>> (Debian GNU/Linux based OS, kernel 2.6.18). The server is up and running,
>> you can access it under home.goryachev.org (in-band registration and s2s
>> are open).
> Did you compile erlang/otp in the phone?

Well, it is not a phone -- it is internet tablet, a gadget like PDA, but
with larger screen (800x480) and orientation on net-surfing and VoIP
(XMPP client with voice transfer support).

> If so, how much hours did it cost to compile?
> Did you install a special erlang/otp, or the stock one?
> If the stock one, did you need to tweak it to compile successfully?

Erlang/OTP was compiled under scratchbox environment using package build
rules from Debian GNU/Linux repository.

> For curiosity: your ejabberd reports as operating system of your
> phone: unix/linux 2.6.18

Yes, it is powered by OS based on Debian GNU/Linux with kernel
2.6.18. See http://maemo.org/ for details.

> This is the first time I read anybody running ejabberd in a phone, but
> I guess it will not be the last. So, it would be nice if you can make
> some photographs of your achievement for history record.

The next step will be erlang/ejabberd cluster of several Nokia N800
devices. I will announce it as soon I have some more free time.

Thank you for your interest.

    Igor Goryachev              E-Mail/Jabber: igor at goryachev.org

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