[ejabberd] Re : MUC management from Admin Console

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 13:02:34 MSD 2008

2008/4/1, cplusou-s at yahoo.fr <cplusou-s at yahoo.fr>:
> I would to know how it is possible to manage MUC (create, update, delete,
> configure room...) from web admin console ?
> Does improvements of mod_muc_admin in order to administrate MUC service are
> in progress ?
> And what are the alternative to have access to a web interface in order to
> administrate MUC service ?

* create room:
Only possible with a Jabber client. There is a feature request to
implement an ejabberdctl command to allow massive room creation (this
is a simple & dirty way to migrate from a MUC service like
mu-conference to ejabberd's mod_muc). I'll try to implement that
during April.

* update config of room:
Only possible with a Jabber client. In ejabberd 2.0.0 you can define
the default config options.

* delete persistent room:
mod_muc_admin provides two ejabberdctl commands:
This destroys all the rooms that you indicate in a text file:
     {"muc-destroy-file file", "destroy the rooms whose JID is
indicated in file"},
This destroys all the room that are considered 'unused' in the last Days
     {"muc-unused-destroy days", "destroy rooms without activity last days"},

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