[ejabberd] acl by IP address + auto add users in userlist

Pedro Zorzenon Neto pzn at mandic.com.br
Wed Apr 2 18:16:46 MSD 2008


   I'm new to ejabberd, I installed 2.0.0 three days ago to replace my 
three years old jabberd14. ejabberd seem great, very lightweight and 

   I have two questions:

   - is there any way to make an "acl" to make it possible to register 
new users based on client IP address? This server is run in intranet for 
local users only. There is a port in Internet for the users to access 
when they are traveling. I woulnd't like IPs outside to 
be allowed to register new users.

   - in this small network, around 30 people, I need everyone to see 
everyone. Is there any way to auto-add everyone in the userslist of 
everyone? in my old jabberd14, the configs were in plain xml at 
/var/lib, so I wrote a simple script to add everyone to the userlist of 
everyone. Adding or deleting users is around twice a month; I can run a 
script by hand when someone is added or deleted. Is there any solution 
for this in ejabberd?

   Thanks in advance,

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