[ejabberd] acl by IP address + auto add users in userlist

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 18:46:52 MSD 2008

2008/4/2, Pedro Zorzenon Neto <pzn at mandic.com.br>:
>    - is there any way to make an "acl" to make it possible to register
>  new users based on client IP address? This server is run in intranet for
>  local users only. There is a port in Internet for the users to access
>  when they are traveling. I woulnd't like IPs outside to
>  be allowed to register new users.

Unfortunately, ACLs only apply to JIDs or parts of JIDs, as you can
see in the ejabberd Guide.

Another way to get a similar functionality:
1. Disable mod_register, so nobody can use in-band registration
2. Setup a web server that can only be accessed inside your LAN.
3. Install 'Jabber Registration Tool' in the server, so users can
register new accounts.


I couldn't find the original page of JRT, I only found this package:

BTW, I added a proposal for GSOC project:
  Page for Account Registration & Password Recovery

>    - in this small network, around 30 people, I need everyone to see
>  everyone. Is there any way to auto-add everyone in the userslist of
>  everyone? in my old jabberd14, the configs were in plain xml at
>  /var/lib, so I wrote a simple script to add everyone to the userlist of
>  everyone. Adding or deleting users is around twice a month; I can run a
>  script by hand when someone is added or deleted. Is there any solution
>  for this in ejabberd?

Check this:
  All Users in a Shared Roster Group


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