[ejabberd] Newbie question.... Groups?

Rob Morin rob at dido.ca
Thu Apr 3 21:15:34 MSD 2008

I have installed and are using ejabberd, with ease, it was very easy to 
install on Debian Etch.....

Now i have a few departments that want their own groups , so to speak, 
but not be able to contact others out side this group... IE, accounting 
should only be able to speak with others in accounting and customer 
service should only be able to speak with customer service agents and 
not accounting.....

I goggled and looked around on how to do this, but i did not see any 
docs, unless i should be googleing for something other than ejabberd and 

Thanks to all..
And have a great day/evening...


Rob Morin
Dido Internet Inc.

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