[ejabberd] ejabberd git repo

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Fri Apr 11 17:42:41 MSD 2008

On 10-Apr-2008, at 23:44, Pedro Melo wrote:
> I think P1 is working on a "official" git repo for ejabberd, but I
> haven't heard of updates in a while.
> You might want to clone from that one if/when it arrives.

	This seems to have fallen by the wayside a month or so ago. I can't  
remember exactly what the issues were when badlop (I think) attempted  
to host it at P1.

	If P1 gets a git repo up, I'll swap my master over to it from SVN on  
github. In the mean-time, if anyone is interested in using it, I  
thought it would be nice to let the community know it's available.


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