[ejabberd] Is there a thorough example of using pubsub ?

Norbert Klamann Norbert.Klamann at projecthome.de
Tue Apr 15 17:52:45 MSD 2008

Hello all,
I plan to build up a jabber-based piece of infrastructure and wish to use the
Publish/Subscribe Paradigma. I use a similar principle for a desktop - based GUI
program and find it really enjoyable and natural.

Now I want to build a LAN-wide infrastructure and want to use an open protocol.
Enter jabber. I have to admit that I am rather new to jabber and I have a hard
time to get a grip on this pubsub stuff.

At the moment I play around with a ejabberd 2.0.0.

I would very much appreciate basic exanples for the following steps 

 * create a node under the 'pubsub/nodes' hierarchy.
   This :
   <iq to='pubsub.A96200CH' type='set' id='H_2'>
	<pubsub xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/pubsub'>
		<create node='/pubsub/nodes' />
   gives a 403.
 * even the other actions would be nice, but create note is the most 
   important at the moment.

Thanks for listening


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