[ejabberd] somes Few Questions about the Sql Way to do it :)

Sig ejabberd at sighq.net
Thu Apr 24 02:42:49 MSD 2008

Hi !

My case : A website , a need to and fonctionnal Instant Messaging and Chat , so i have installed ejabberd with MySql
backend , after looking at the structure i have somes questions :

- on the tables rosterusers , where are the signification of the differents flags or where can i find it ?
 subscription ? ask ? askmessage ? server ? subscribe ? type ?

- i see there is two tables : rostersusers and rostergroups , strangely the rostersgroups only have one field more
(grp) than rosterusers and a common keyfield,  isn't it possible to join the two tables in one ? (in my case i insert
users from my php script and i need to maintain two tables , so two time more sql query :(  , and i don't like
excessive query :)

thanks a lot !



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