[ejabberd] help me to chat

Nishantha Pradeep nishantha at bcsc.lk
Sat Apr 26 12:29:12 MSD 2008

Hi all
I just compose this mail after struggling with ejabberd and jwchat
My server name --> nishantha-LSF and it runs on localhost

I have put jwchat at /var/www/xmpp/code

I added following to the apache httpd.conf (I use apache 2)

<VirtualHost *>
  ServerName nishantha-LSF
  DocumentRoot /var/www/xmpp/code
  <Directory /var/www/xmpp/code>
    Options  +Indexes +MultiViews
  AddDefaultCharset UTF-8
  RewriteEngine on
  RewriteRule http-poll/ [P]

I have added jwchat config file here with

I changed it' site name to "localhost/nishantha-LSF

and put comments on all back ends except following

name:"Native Polling",
            description:"Ejabberd's native HTTP Polling backend",

But it is not working yet
 Most important is that when I provide any username and password in the
loging page, it gives me a chat window with given user name but that user
name is not registered with server.But I that is all, I cant do anything
after that.

Please help me, just say what should I (I am not big technological guy)

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