[ejabberd] help me to chat

Jens jens at sitedeveloper.de
Sat Apr 26 19:46:21 MSD 2008

> Hi all
Hi Nishantha,

> I added following to the apache httpd.conf (I use apache 2)
did you reload apache to let the changes take effect?
Make sure that "nishantha-LSF" resolves to your servers IP.
Additionally you should go to
and make sure that the rewrite engine works.
Usually (in firefox) I get an error stating that no element has been
found and the pages source is blank when i visit that page directly
(that is the indication that it works).
If you get an apache error page, then your config is probably wrong.

> I have added jwchat config file here with


> I changed it' site name to "localhost/nishantha-LSF


> and put comments on all back ends except following
That looks good so far. But what I'm missing here is some information on
how you configured ejabberd.
In your ejabberd.cfg (in /etc/ejabberd/ if you use debian based linux
and the ejabberd-package from the repositories) you should find a line
that looks like that:

==== snip ====
%% Hostname
{hosts, ["yourdomain.tld"]}.
==== snap ====

Then in your config.js you have to state:

==== snip ====
var SITENAME = "yourdomain.tld";
==== snap ====

Anyway, as far as I can tell "localhost/nishantha-LSF" is not a valid
domain name and therefore just wrong.

Good luck and kind regards

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