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Nishantha Pradeep nishantha at bcsc.lk
Sun Apr 27 07:31:47 MSD 2008

Thank you so much jen.I restarted apache always after doing changes  to the
apache configuration files. Also I change the site name to the name which is
in the ejabberd.cfg file as you have mentioned. Then I tested in according
to the read me file in jwchat. it says
Test if this redirect works. Following the example above point your
  browser to http://jabber.example.com/http-poll/. You should see the
  same response as if you you're pointing it to
I did it with following URLs

http://localhost/http-poll/ --> access forbidden, you don't have permission
to access this server

http://localhost:5280/http-poll/ -->

(XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: http://localhost:5280/http-poll/
Line Number 1, Column 1:)

The two results are different and  should I change my httpbase url because I
just put  it but I don't what  is it.


On Sat, Apr 26, 2008 at 9:16 PM, Jens <jens at sitedeveloper.de> wrote:

> > Hi all
> Hi Nishantha,
> > I added following to the apache httpd.conf (I use apache 2)
> did you reload apache to let the changes take effect?
> Make sure that "nishantha-LSF" resolves to your servers IP.
> Additionally you should go to
> http://nishantha-LSF/http-poll/
> and make sure that the rewrite engine works.
> Usually (in firefox) I get an error stating that no element has been
> found and the pages source is blank when i visit that page directly
> (that is the indication that it works).
> If you get an apache error page, then your config is probably wrong.
> > I have added jwchat config file here with
> [...]
> > I changed it' site name to "localhost/nishantha-LSF
> [...]
> > and put comments on all back ends except following
> That looks good so far. But what I'm missing here is some information on
> how you configured ejabberd.
> In your ejabberd.cfg (in /etc/ejabberd/ if you use debian based linux
> and the ejabberd-package from the repositories) you should find a line
> that looks like that:
> ==== snip ====
> %% Hostname
> {hosts, ["yourdomain.tld"]}.
> ==== snap ====
> Then in your config.js you have to state:
> ==== snip ====
> var SITENAME = "yourdomain.tld";
> ==== snap ====
> Anyway, as far as I can tell "localhost/nishantha-LSF" is not a valid
> domain name and therefore just wrong.
> Good luck and kind regards
> Jens
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