[ejabberd] Release of ejabberd 2.0.2-beta1

Jérôme Sautret jerome.sautret at process-one.net
Fri Aug 1 21:44:58 MSD 2008


After several months of fixing bugs in ejabberd 2.0.x, a
new maintenance release is planned for the end of this month.

Until then, we still have time to beta test the ejabberd source code.
For this purpose ejabberd 2.0.2-beta1 is released.

Notice that this beta is only released as source code package, no binary
installers are published now.

The download is:

Finally, here are the release notes:

                            ejabberd 2.0.2-beta1
                              1 August 2008

 ejabberd 2.0.2 is the second bug fix release for ejabberd 2.0.x branch.

 ejabberd 2.0.2 includes a new feature, 5 improvements and 30 bugfixes.
 A complete list of changes can be retrieved from:

 Recent changes include:

- Anti-abuse feature: client blacklist support by IP.
- Guide: new section Securing ejabberd; improved usability.
- LDAP filter optimization: ability to filter user in ejabberd and not LDAP.
- MUC improvements: room options to restrict visitors; broadcast reasons.
- Privacy rules: fix MySQL storage.
- Pub/Sub and PEP: many improvements in implementation and protocol compliance.
- Proxy65: send valid SOCKS5 reply (removed support for Psi < 0.10).
- Web server embedded: better support for HTTPS.

Bugs report are welcomed, you can officially report problems on
ProcessOne support site:

Jérôme Sautret.

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