[ejabberd] muc kickban with bare JID in presence

Stephan Maihöfer sma at turtle-entertainment.de
Wed Aug 6 18:18:46 MSD 2008


first of all, thanks for opening those tickets for me!

then, here's the next patch ;)

to explain a bit: we are desperately tryint to move from
openfire to ejabberd with ourt servers while not impacting
too much on the own client that we wrote, which is slightly
jabber-based. so i try to mimic the behaviour of openfire
where it seems acceptable for me and try to convince the
"client-people" to change the way they to things where i
think it's not acceptable.

however i think this one is perfectly reasonable:


on kickban in a muc-room the sent presence to update
the room and inform the moderator includes the
bare jid of the user that was kicked, when sent
to the moderator OR to the inhabitants of a non-anonymous

maybe anyone else thinks this is helpful.


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