[ejabberd] Shared Roster, Automation, LDAP and Databases

Adam Hubscher webmaster at x-zen.cx
Fri Aug 8 23:31:47 MSD 2008

Hey List,

I was trying to register at the forums as well but it appears that the  
captcha is never correct =/

I am attempting to set up ejabberd for a sizable company wide  
messaging service to replace openfire as
a much more robust and stable service. I am highly impressed already,  
however I am running into a few

Originally I was trying to get mod_shared_roster_ldap to work. I  
successfully got it to APPEAR to be
doing everything correctly, however I fear that the list would be too  
large for it to handle. At the
current moment in time, we have 2900 users, and roughly 200 jabber  
groups defined in ldap. This is
the problem that was primarily causing stability issues in open fire,  
as well.

I am attempting to produce a different method now instead. I would  
like to populate *A* database with
the shared roster information at regular intervals. I have a script  
that can do this without issue,
however from what I can tell the mod_shared_roster module only  
utilizes the mnesia database. I am not
sure of how I could interact with this with a python (or otherwise)  
script, and would much more prefer a
normal normal dbms like postgres or mysql. I have successfully  
configured ejabberd to utilize and store
information within mysql (even though the roster is ldap and it  
doesn't particularly matter, offline
messages and such are getting stored correctly).

To this effect, I am wondering if there is the ability for me to,  
through a scripting language that I am
familiar with (perl, python, php, or bash), to add the information for  
a shared roster group
appropriately to either the mnesia database - or - is there a way to  
get mod_shared_roster to utilize
mysql/pgsql and implement the schema appropriately through there?

I am not too great with erlang yet, although I am working on learning  
as it would be useful within the
company for me to be able to diagnose and interpret issues, so please  
be kind on my new eyes :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I did search for some related topics, but most of them did not really  
end with any given solution.

Thanks ahead of time!

- Adam
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