[ejabberd] Roster Issue

Adam Hubscher webmaster at x-zen.cx
Fri Aug 15 00:59:31 MSD 2008

Hey Everyone,

I am attempting to input shared roster entries by modifying the dump  
file from the mnesia database (although I could use mod_ctlextra, this  
is faster for my current purpose, an immediate need for return whereby  
writing a script would take too long).

I am entering the configuration entries as follows:

{sr_group,{"blah 1",
           [{name,"blah 1"},
            {displayed_groups,["blah 1"],["blah 5"],["blah 4"],["blah  
3"],["blah 2"]},
            {description,"blah 1"}]}.

Running it in live mode (so I can see output to the console) I see the  
following error:

=ERROR REPORT==== 14-Aug-2008::15:59:07 ===
E(<0.599.0>:ejabberd_hooks:205) : {{case_clause,
                                       ["blah 1"],
                                       ["blah 5"],
                                       ["blah 4"],
                                       ["blah 3"],
                                       ["blah 2"]}}},

Please help!



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