[ejabberd] Interesting VCard Issue

Adam Hubscher webmaster at x-zen.cx
Thu Aug 21 06:05:08 MSD 2008

Hey Guys,

Here is my mod_vcard_ldap setup;

                 {ldap_uids, [{"uid","%u"}]},
                         {"NICKNAME", "%s", ["displayName"]},
                         {"GIVEN", "%s", ["givenName"]},
                         {"MIDDLE", "%s", ["initials"]},
                         {"FAMILY", "%s", ["sn"]},
                         {"FN", "%s", ["displayName"]},
                         {"EMAIL", "%s", ["mail"]}

                         {"User", "uid"},
                         {"Name", "displayName"},
                         {"Family Name", "sn"},
                         {"Email", "mail"},
                         {"Company", "company"},
                         {"Department", "department"},
                         {"Role", "title"},
                         {"Description", "description"},
                         {"Phone", "telephoneNumber"}]},

                         {"Full Name", "FN"},
                         {"Nickname", "NICKNAME"},
                         {"Email", "EMAIL"}



Here is the interesting thing.

With Adium, this works. Everything works. The vcard populates fine.

On at least 4 different clients - Psi, Gaim, iChat, and Spark (I  
haven't tested others), the functionality is different.

The user is displayed with their user name in ldap (uid), NOT the  
nickname or full name as we would prefer. In other words...


instead of

First Last

Adium displays it as

First Last

Any ideas?



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