[ejabberd] Fwd: directed presence issue

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Thu Aug 28 03:14:53 MSD 2008

> Here's the scenario.  jid1 comes online and sends a directed presence
> to jid2.   jid2 receives presence fine.   jid2 then tries to send a
> message to jid1 at which point ejd gives a 503 saying that resource is
> unavailable.
> If the presence that jid1 sends is undirected, then jid2 can send
> messages to jid1.
> Any idea why we'd see this behavior?  Is this a bug?

Does jid1 since normal presence to the server or just directed
presence to jid2?  If the latter, then I think the behavior is
correct.  If the former, then I think this is a bug.


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