[ejabberd] Fwd: directed presence issue

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Thu Aug 28 06:45:47 MSD 2008

> jid1 only sends a directed presence.   But I don't understand why the
> correct behavior is to prevent Jid2 from sending messages back. If
> someone sends me a directed presence, why shouldn't I be able to send
> them messages?

Because no resources are online, the server routing rules specify that
messages to the bare jid go to offline storage or get bounced, etc.
You could send messages to the full JID perfectly fine, and the server
should deliver them as you expect.  This same situation would occur if
you were to send negative priority presence.  Messages to the bare JID
will not be delivered unless there is a non-negative resource online.

See http://www.xmpp.org/internet-drafts/draft-saintandre-rfc3921bis-06.html#rules-barejid
particularly section


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