[ejabberd] Adding members to a members-only muc when they aren't online?

Tom MacWright tom at developmentseed.com
Mon Dec 1 07:31:51 MSK 2008

So, I'm working on an internal jabber server for a small company, and for
the continous-office chat, we'd like it to be restricted to just a small
group of people - partially for security concerns (presumably anyone could
login sporadically and get the last 20 posts, etc). So it looks like making
the room members-only is a smarter alternative than adding a password, since
the latter requires messy shared passwords and the former lets us
temporarily grant access to the room.
But the issue is - how can I add members to a room all at one time, or at
least when they aren't logged in / in the room? It's a pain to try to get 20
people online & invited at the same time... I'd much rather update a list
somewhere or just issue some commands. Trying to use 'role' or 'affiliate'
through Adium gives me 'command failed' every time.

Thanks for any help! I can't imagine this being a rare use-case for
ejabberd, I must just be missing the solution somewhere in the manual.


Tom MacWright
tom at developmentseed.com
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