[ejabberd] Flushing s2s connections?

Jonathan Schleifer js-ejabberd at webkeks.org
Tue Dec 9 01:03:48 MSK 2008

Am 08.12.2008 um 21:58 schrieb Arne Claassen:

> We running into issues that every once in a while s2s connections  
> seem to go away, i.e. we get a report from a user on another jabber  
> domain that they see our users as offline and we see the same.  
> Anyway to force these connections to be re-established?

That's caused by one of the s2s bugs in ejabberd. The developers try  
to find the reason and fix it for quite some time now, but no success  
until now :(. With ejabberd 1.4, these issues didn't happen so often.


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