[ejabberd] Components, addressing specific connections

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Thu Dec 11 21:21:05 MSK 2008


Le 11 déc. 08 à 18:59, Arne Claassen a écrit :

> Hi Mickaël,
> I found that part of the docs yesterday and set up destination  
> affinity. I know i'm probably a weird use case, but while  
> destination affinity means that a message to my array of component  
> instances will always go to the same one once a conversation is  
> started, that affinity doesn't seem to be based on the component  
> jid's resource, i.e. at the first message that my component receives  
> (even if its a reply to a message from my component) one of my  
> component is chosen at random, even though after that the affinity  
> sticks to it. But that means my component can't start the  
> conversation and make sure it receives the replies. I.e. if i have  
> component.foo.com/a and component.foo.com/b and /a sends a message  
> to a JID from bar at component.foo.com/a the reply randomly arrives at / 
> a or /b

Component have no resource. That's how it is defined in XEP-114:

There is not binding resource phase in the negociation.

There are some discussion to improve the component protocol but it is  
not standard yet.

Mickaël Rémond

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