[ejabberd] Modify presence probe response for offline clients

Gabriel Rossetti gabriel.rossetti at arimaz.com
Mon Dec 15 17:16:21 MSK 2008

Hello eveyone!

Is there a way to modify the way the server reacts to presence probes from users sent to 
offline users (using a configuration option)? Currently the server does nothing. RFC 3921
states the following (removed some parts) :

5.1.3.  Presence Probes

   Upon receiving a presence probe from the user, the contact's server
   SHOULD reply as follows:


   3.  Else, if the contact has no available resources, the server MUST
       either (1) reply to the presence probe by sending to the user the
       full XML of the last presence stanza of type "unavailable"
       received by the server from the contact, or (2) not reply at all.

and I'd like ejabberd to use method (1) instead of method (2).

Thank you,

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