[ejabberd] component scaling questions

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Tue Dec 16 01:18:23 MSK 2008

I posted on the jdev mailing list
(http://www.jabberforum.org/showthread.php?t=1209) about how we name a
component which we may potentially have very many of.

I want to take our location service, butler.buddycloud.com, and
potentially have butler001.buddycloud.com butler002.buddycloud.com etc
all running in simultaneously and spreading the load amongst multiple
compute hosts.

Then using a disco request, clients would randomly pick a server to use.

We are currently a single ejabberd server setup to cover buddycloud.com.
 Is there anything I should be aware of when thinking about this kind of
component distribution?  We plan on, in the not too distant future,
moving to a number of ejabberd servers all serving buddycloud.com.

Would it then be a case of:

server1 with butler001.buddycloud.com & butler002.buddycloud.com
server2 with butler003.buddycloud.com & butler004.buddycloud.com

What would happen if a client connects to server2 and issued a disco
request?  Would they see all "butlers" or just 003 and 004?

Trying not to be painted into a scalability corner.


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