[ejabberd] component scaling questions

Simon Tennant simon at imaginator.com
Tue Dec 16 01:50:24 MSK 2008

Arne Claassen wrote:
> Any reason why your new instances can't also be butler.buddycloud.com?
> ejabberd will roundrobin requests to all components that are connected
> as butler.buddycloud.com. The question is mostly whether you need some
> kind of initial affinity. There are balancing rules that let you stick
> requests by from or to jid for subsequent requests, but the initial
> request will be delivered to a random component in the list.

That's Awesome and I can't believe I missed that.

And by the looks of things I can have butler.budycloud.com registered
multiple times on multiple servers and ...

> ejabberd includes an algorithm to load balance the components that are plugged on an ejabberd cluster. It means that you can plug one or several instances of the same component on each ejabberd cluster and that the traffic will be automatically distributed.
> The default distribution algorithm try to deliver to a local instance of a component. If several local instances are available, one instance is chosen randomly. If no instance is available locally, one instance is chosen randomly among the remote component instances.

Goes away very happy.


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