[ejabberd] Debugging tips for roster listing...?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 18:16:11 MSK 2008

I am new to the ejabberd stack and I'm looking for hints on how to
diagnose a problem.

Our roster was working well with a late 2.0 beta + the "online roster"
patch. Since we upgraded to 2.0.1 + patch people have
reported very unreliable roster listings. The problem seems to be that
- after some time of normal operation - everyone disappears after a
short while, and if you leave it for a few hs, everyone reappears.

The thread starting with this message has quite a bit of good info -
including the fact that the problem is visible with standard xmpp
clients too -

(The main clients being tested are OLPC XOs running Sugar, which shows
everyone in the online roster in what we call the "Network View".)

I am starting to work on reproducing it here, with a small number of
XOs. Haven't worked on this area before -- so I am looking for good
hints on this from people who've been doing this lots ;-)

thanks in advance...

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