[ejabberd] Pubsub troubles

Xavier Maillard xavier at maillard.mobi
Sun Dec 21 11:52:57 MSK 2008


I am running an ejabberd 2.01 version on a Debian GNU/linux system 

I activated pubsub (with PEP) with default settings (everybody 
authorized to create node).

I can easily browse maillard.mobi and I can see pubsub is there. The 
problem is it refuses to create any node. I always end up with a 403 error.
With PEP, it is even worse: 404.

What's wrong ? How can I check mnesia tables to see if they are 
corrupted or something like that ? (I deleted every pubsub.DAT in 
/var/lib/ejabberd and started it up again but still the same messages).

Any help greatly appreciated here.

Thank you.


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