[ejabberd] Pubsub troubles

Christophe Romain cromain at process-one.net
Sun Dec 21 13:21:28 MSK 2008


ejabberd uses a node hierarchy convention by default
that is /home/domain/user/path/to/node
if you want examples from XEP working with same node names, that is
without hierarchy, you can use the create_node_permission function from
node_flat plugin (from ejabberd trunk SVN)
this can be done by either patching your node_default, or create a
node_flat for 2.0.x and use "flat" as default node plugin in
(you may prefer to run ejabberd trunk and set "flat" as node plugin)

about PEP, the user must not create it's own nodes. it just publish to a
node and creation is implicit.

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