[ejabberd] Debugging tips for roster listing...?

Jack Moffitt jack at chesspark.com
Fri Dec 26 08:19:22 MSK 2008

> I am new to the ejabberd stack and I'm looking for hints on how to
> diagnose a problem.
> Our roster was working well with a late 2.0 beta + the "online roster"
> patch. Since we upgraded to 2.0.1 + patch people have
> reported very unreliable roster listings. The problem seems to be that
> - after some time of normal operation - everyone disappears after a
> short while, and if you leave it for a few hs, everyone reappears.

To debug this, we'll need some wire snippets.  Do the clients see
unavailable presence get sent for everyone?  Is this getting sent by
the server or by the other clients?  Are you using multiple resources
and not keeping track if you get unavailable presence for one but not
the other?


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