[ejabberd] advanced routing

Trevor Clarke retrev at csh.rit.edu
Tue Feb 5 17:54:23 MSK 2008

I'm wondering is there's already a system which does this or if not,
can someone point me at some modules/jeps which might be useful? I'm
looking to develop a system (using ejabberd of course) which will not
only route message to a specific jabber client based on priority but
also to other non-clients...specifically, I'd like to route messages
to jabber clients, gateway clients, pop/smtp addresses (possibly via
an email gateway), SMS (again, could use a gateway), etc. I'd like to
be able to change priorities automatically based on time. I'd also
like incoming messages on all of the above to be routed. The end goal
is to take messages sent via any number of systems, feed them through
ejabberd, and route them to the most appropriate destination or
destinations. That way, I can (for example) set my work email to be a
high priority while I'm at work, make an active jabber client the
highest priority, and if no email or IM system is "active" send an SMS
to my cell phone. Any suggestions for starting points?

Trevor R.H. Clarke
Computer Science House
Rochester Institute of Technology
retrev at csh.rit.edu
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