[ejabberd] Git repository?

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 02:12:36 MSK 2008

2008/2/4, Magnus Henoch <mange at freemail.hu>:
> I see that some people are using Git for ejabberd:
> https://forge.process-one.net/browse/ejabberd/trunk/.gitignore

I noticed that file some time ago and filed a bug report [1] to
remove it, because 'the code in SVN should not include stuff from other VCS'.

When I learned what is a distributed VCS, I wrote this:
> The development code of ejabberd is stored in a Subversion repository. SVN is easy
> to learn, easy to use and usable in almost any OS. The code is centralized in the SVN
> repository, and this avoids confusion.
> However, some developers may prefer to use for their personal development another
> Version Control System , quite probably distributed (like Git, Darcs, Mercurial,
> Bazaar-ng...). This way the developer can have several branches for each feature
> he is working on, and even for each contributed patch he investigating about.
> He can also commit minimal changes without messing with the main SVN repository.
> And once a feature is finished, commit to SVN or publish a patch.

I myself started to use Git for ejabberd.

> Is there a public repository somewhere?  That would help my hacking and
> customization.

Do you mean a public Git ejabberd repo that 'mirrors' the existing SVN
ejabberd repo?
There isn't, and there isn't need for a central Git repository.
As I understood Git's ideal, each developer has his personal Git repository.

So, I downloaded ejabberd's SVN repository into a personal ejabberd
Git repository
using git-svn [2][3]. Then I can create branches for
features/bugfixes, commit...
and finally export as a patch.

I would like to write a small tutorial to get Git working with ejabberd SVN,
but I don't know enough about it yet. Anyway, it would be simply a
subset of the
content in the SVN Crash Course [2].

[1] https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-441
[2] http://git.or.cz/course/svn.html
[3] http://utsl.gen.nz/talks/git-svn/intro.html

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