[ejabberd] Git repository?

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Thu Feb 7 14:19:22 MSK 2008


On Feb 7, 2008, at 5:02 AM, Magnus Henoch wrote:

> Badlop <badlop at gmail.com> writes:
>> There isn't, and there isn't need for a central Git repository.
>> As I understood Git's ideal, each developer has his personal Git  
>> repository.
> I haven't used Git as a "downstream" system for SVN, but I'm using  
> Arch
> as a downstream system for CVS.  In that configuration, it is  
> necessary
> to have a common ancestor for branches that are to be merged - e.g. if
> developer A wants to merge developer B's changes into her own  
> tree.  I'm
> no Git expert (yet), but it might be possible to merge  
> "unrelated" (from
> Git's point of view) trees easily…
> Anyway, it's unnecessarily duplicated labour to have each developer  
> make
> his own SVN→Git copy.
> Thus, IMHO someone should publish a Git mirror of the ejabberd SVN
> repository, e.g. at repo.or.cz, as a common reference point for  
> ejabberd
> hackers.  I might even do it myself, if I find time…


I also use git-svn in a lot of projects, but if lots of developers  
want to track the project with git, then git-svn is not the best  

git-svn is great and the best choice if you have commit rights to the  
svn repo, because you can use git-svn dcommit your changes.

But if you are a normal user, then having a central git-repo that  
people can clone for will be a better solution. For example, keeping  
local branches with local modifications would be trivial(*) with this.

I would be willing to help setting this up, probably with tailor. Is  
there an interest on this?

Best regards,

(*) trivial in the sense that git makes this possible and helps you a  
lot on tracking upstream changes, not something that SVN or SVK does  
very well.
Pedro Melo
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