[ejabberd] Git repository?

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 20:43:21 MSK 2008

On 7-Feb-2008, at 10:11, Pedro Melo wrote:

> *But* cloning with git from that repo will not setup the proper
> metadata for pushing back via SVN AFAIK.
> So setting up a git mirror of the SVN repo could be done with git-
> svn, but people cloning from this should not expect to be able to git-
> svn dcommit from their clones.
> I would love to be proven wrong, though :).

	I'm fairly certain you are correct. However, for maintainers, you can  
always merge in a branch and dcommit that to the public svn repo. In  
this case the SVN repo would effectively be the "master", and those  
with the ability to dcommit would be the lieutenants in charge of  
pulling changes from git branches and pushing them to SVN via dcommit.

	Of course, this presumes that once people start using git, there will  
be reasons to pull changes this way. You can always use standard diff  
techniques otherwise.

	I am currently using git-svn to track ejabberd, and would love to be  
able to use a pure-git solution for reasons already mentioned in this  
thread. The big thing git buys me is the ease of tracking my own  
changes on top of ejabberd's various releases, which is fairly  
important for me, as my changes are non-trivial.


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