[ejabberd] More virt host woes.

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 21:43:53 MSK 2008

On 8-Feb-2008, at 12:44, Badlop wrote:
> By default ejabberd opens 10 connections to the database for each
> virtual host. Use this option to modify the value:
> {odbc_pool_size, 10}.

	This option doesn't exist in 1.1.4. Even if it did, however, even / 
one/ connection per vhost is a total wash. The ODBC connections must  
be maintained separately from hosts or you will quickly overload your  

	Which is exactly what I've done: it spawns 10 connections from  
ejabberd_sup (actually, ejabberd_sup spawns a pool supervisor which  
spawns the connections). This way you can put in exactly as many  
connections as necessary w/o overloading the ODBC server regardless of  
the number of domains hosted.

	Honestly, I have to think that the ODBC stuff is done this way on  
purpose to drum up sales for Process One's enterprise server. Anyone  
with even the smallest amount of experience knows that you keep a  
single persistent pool of connections around for these kinds of  
workloads. As you would have to be extremely ignorant to employ this  
code, or slightly malicious/greedy, my bet is on malice/greed.


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