[ejabberd] SSO and XMPP

Gerard Webb gedw99 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 12 00:12:12 MSK 2008


i am developing a single sign on system for the EU.
its pretty big, and was wondering if i can ask you some silly questions:
Here is my topology:

1. 20 x web applications. .net and java
2. 2 x AD LDAP servers. AD is just a bit of LDAP and DNS mixed together
after all.
3. A SSO server i programmed in C#. It acts as a broker and provides some
i have intended to use it for manage SSOand even federated SSO, but then
after i started playing with XMPP and especially *ejabberd*, i realised how
powerful ti is.

We want to allow SSO within our domain, and then allow controlled Fed SSO
over XMPP later.


1. Can i simple just let *ejabberd* do sso for me ??. i assume it hands back
a session (or JID i believe its called). i assume i can just ask
*ejabberd*"is this user "
blah at blah.com" logged on anywhere and where?. The Roster is think its
Then if they are i can assume they are already authenticated and then give a
session out to the web apps that corresponds to the same session from eh *
ejabberd* session ID.

As you can see i am a bit confused how to use the xmpp stack for SSO. i can
see wqhy i should use but still getting my head around exactly how to best
use it.

Hope i am making some sort of sense

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