[ejabberd] Can mod_vcard-ldap return more than 30 entries?

Theodotos Andreou theo at francoudi.com
Mon Feb 18 18:39:32 MSK 2008

I have a question about mod_vcard_ldap. When there are more than 30 
records in a search it return only up to 30 records. Is it possible to 
configure it to return more than 30 records if more than 30 entries are 
matched? For example searhing for '@' under the mail field should 
ideally return all the users on ldap with a valid email address.

I use  ejabberd-2.0.0-rc.

I posted the same on the forum but I got now reply. Maybe I am luckier 
on the mailing list. :)

Best Regards
Theodotos Andreou
System Administrator
PrimeTel PLC, Cyprus 

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