[ejabberd] Final call to translators for ejabberd 2.0.0

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 22:39:19 MSK 2008

2008/2/14, Badlop <badlop at gmail.com>:
> I'll consider
> that a translator is very busy if he doesn't give signals of activity
> before the morning of 19 February.
> If you can update one of those languages but you are not the last
> translator, please wait some days. The next week I'll send another
> email to update the status, and report which languages missed the last
> translator.
> Note: this email is also posted in:
> http://www.ejabberd.im/node/2846

The deadline for the last translators finished,
so if anybody can update a language, right now is a good moment.
The new deadline finishes tomorrow 20 Feb at midday GMT.

Updated information:

  *** Complete translations:

File    Missing Language                Last translator
----    ------- --------                ---------------
ca.msg  0       Catalan (català)        Vicent Alberola Canet
cs.msg  0       Czech (čeština)         Lukáš Polívka [spike411]
de.msg  0       German (deutsch)        Cord Beermann
eo.msg  0       Esperanto               Andreas van Cranenburgh
es.msg  0       Spanish (castellano)    Badlop
fr.msg  0       French (française)      Christophe Romain
gl.msg  0       Galician (galego)       Carlos E. Lopez
nl.msg  0       Dutch (nederlands)      Andreas van Cranenburgh
no.msg  0       Norwegian (bokmål)      Stian B. Barmen
pt-br.  0       Portuguese (Brazil)     Otávio Fernandes
ru.msg  5       Russian (русский)       Konstantin Khomoutov
uk.msg  0       Ukrainian (українська)  Stoune

  *** Uncomplete translations:

it.msg  8       Italian (italiano)      Luca Brivio
ja.msg  9       Japanese (日本語)       Tsukasa Hamano
pl.msg  11      Polish (polski) Andrzej Smyk
pt.msg  187     Portuguese (português)  Iceburn
sk.msg  54      Slovak (slovenčina)     Juraj Michalek
sv.msg  155     Swedish (svenska)       Magnus Henoch
th.msg  9       Thai (ภาษาไทย)          EQHO Communications (Thailand) Ltd.
tr.msg  12      Turkish (türkçe)        Doruk Fisek
vi.msg  9       Vietnamese (tiếng việt) EQHO Communications (Thailand) Ltd.
wa.msg  24      Walon (Walloon)         Pablo Saratxaga
zh.msg  6       Chinese (中文)          Shelley Shyan

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