[ejabberd] Final call to translators for ejabberd 2.0.0

Luca Brivio luca.brivio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 23:07:30 MSK 2008

Alle 13:56, gio 14 febbraio 2008, Badlop ha scritto:
> Now I call again to translators. The good news is that most languages
> only miss 5 or 10 strings :)
> The last translators have preference to update those strings. You can
> simply quote this email and send to the mailing list, or to my
> personal email, or to the ejabberd chatroom, or to the ejabberd
> forums. If you can't translate during the next days because you are
> busy, please inform so other people can get the task. I'll consider
> that a translator is very busy if he doesn't give signals of activity
> before the morning of 19 February.

So sorry, I were overwhelmed during the few past days, so did nearly forget 
just to answer. Hope first bugfix release will have Italian 100% translated.


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