[ejabberd] Gtalk and Gaim using ejabberd MUC implementation

Andreas andreas at unstable.nl
Sat Jan 19 19:11:13 MSK 2008

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 05:48:32PM -0500, Daniel Starin wrote:
> Hi,
>   I manage my jabber accounts using Gaim.  I have two accounts, one on
> my ejabberd server and one on gmail.  I can login to both of these
> using Gaim.  The problem comes when I try to join MUC rooms on my
> ejabberd server.  With my ejabberd user account, I can create and join
> MUC rooms on the ejabberd conference server in Gaim.  With my gmail
> account in Gaim, I cannot.  However, with the same Gmail account in
> Gaim, I can join jwdev at conference.jabber.org so it seems like the
> problem is ejabberd.  The ejabberd log didn't show anything when I
> attempted to connect w/ the gmail account.

Make sure that your MUC component has a fully qualified domain 
name. Also, make sure that your server to server communications work in
general. Perhaps gtalk requires encryption and even a proper certificate.

    -- Andreas	[ http://unstable.nl | gopher://unstable.nl ]

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