[ejabberd] Requesting two features for ejabberd v2

Manuel Mely mmelyp at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 00:25:53 MSK 2008


Is there any chance to include couple of things to the official release
of ejabberd v2.
The first:

Xram did a module[1] for ejabberd 1.1.3. It's use is to proxify s2s
connections from an internal ejabberd network to and outside network and
This module works 75 % for me; this percent is because sometimes i had
loose of messages.
My point is to include to the new ejabberd release, the possibility to
use this, and do something like "postfix virtual transports" . With
possibility to have this transports in Mnesia or better, using a RDBM.
I think this will be a good feature for a lot of xmpp servers
In my case, i have a lot of ejabberd servers running inside my network
that i would like them to share messages with internet servers.

The second:

I've read about blacklist and whitelist feature, not so deeply, is this
something like mod_filter do??
It will be to mix this two requested features, for example, to say to my
internal server, dev.example.net , that can use my s2s proxy
(proxy.example.net) but can do s2s connections only to jabber.org and
softwarelibre.cu  :)

And that's all folks.

1- http://xram.livejournal.com/2887.html

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