[ejabberd] Problems getting ejabberd 2.0-rc1 running

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Wed Jan 23 02:45:34 MSK 2008

I am completely new to ejabberd, so I am not sure what to expect.

I built ejabberd from source and checked it ran.  This seems to work 
fine with the example config supplied.

I have edited the config to my needs, and now starting ejabberd seems to 
cause it to crash (there is a erl_crash_xxx file in the log directory.

I am left with some stray erlang processes lying around.

I have loglevel set to 5, but it seems to crash too early for it to log 

Where do I go from here to try and find out what is wrong??

I have one question about the configuration that is puzzling me.  I am 
trying to set up a trial system for another domain 
(melindasbackups.com) on my home system.  I therefore put a 

{hosts, ["melindasbackups.com"]}.

line in the config file.  When I run ejabberdctl I assume its default of 
localhost is totally unrelated to the virtual host that this server is 

Alan Chandler

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