[ejabberd] Issue with presence broadcast not being sent

Taylor Laramie taylor.laramie at globalrelay.net
Thu Jan 24 15:55:47 MSK 2008

I posted this to the community forum but there's been no response. Might 
as well try my luck here ;)
I had a complaint from one from one of our clients today that one user 
appeared to be offline to everyone else on the shared roster. Only upon 
re-logging back in did he appear to available to everyone else.
I checked the logs and I can see the presence broadcast from the server 
to the user's jid with everyone elses address in the 'from' but I don't 
see the subsequent broadcasts of vice versa. Upon relogin though I see 
the proper order of events.
Has anyone encountered this before or a reliable means to reproduce it?

Taylor Laramie
Systems Administrator

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