[ejabberd] Problems getting ejabberd 2.0-rc1 running

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Thu Jan 24 21:32:46 MSK 2008

On Tuesday 22 Jan 2008, Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am completely new to ejabberd, so I am not sure what to expect.
> I built ejabberd from source and checked it ran.  This seems to work
> fine with the example config supplied.
> I have edited the config to my needs, and now starting ejabberd seems
> to cause it to crash (there is a erl_crash_xxx file in the log
> directory.

I fixed the problem - I was missing a comma in the configuration file.

It took a while to figure that out - it might be helpful for newbies to 
know that such a trivial error in the config file can cause a crash.

Alan Chandler

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