[ejabberd] Exodus messenger

Albert Holm albert+ejabberd at cdr.se
Fri Jan 25 12:25:18 MSK 2008

fredagen den 25 januari 2008 klockan 09.45.40 skrev Endorfin:
> To be more precise, after downloading Exodus and connecting it to
> eJabbered, I went for this list: juser-request at jabber.org.
> Than, one user from that list, pointed me to this one, but before getting
> here, I went for google one:
> http://groups.google.com/group/exodus-dev/browse_thread/thread/952a33a07a68
> where I received the answer to get here.

That is because you asked two different questions on the different lists.

To this ejabberd list you sent this question: 

"I was pointed to this mailing list for some questions about Exodus messenger 
(which was the firs one that I came upon in my search for open source 
messengers). In it's gateways list, I cannot see the MSN gateway (as seen in 
the manual) and also if there is some eJabberd or Exodus chatroom, it would 
be helpfull."

This is indeed an exodus question, because atleast I interpret it as a 
question about how to use exodus and a possible problem with the 
documentation "I cannot see the MSN gateway (as seen in the manual)" (even 
though that depends on the server you connect to).

To the exodus list you sent:

"As I wanted to find an open source messenger (although I don't know 
anything about it, just like the idea of open source), Exodus was the 
first that I came upon, so I downloaded it and connected it to the 
eJabberd server, but that's about it. I didn't have too much time to 
search how is it connected to msn (there are AIM or IRC gateways 
within it, but MSN not, for example), so I hope to get some insight."

I read this question as a server configuration question, and since the server 
software is ejabberd, it belongs here. If you are the administrator of the 
server and want to add a MSN transport: http://www.ejabberd.im/pymsnt

If you want to use a preinstalled service, then some servers allow you to use 
their msn transport without having a local account. This should be a question 
suitable for the client you use. Typically you use a feature in the client 
called "service discovery" or similar, browse to the msn transport in 
question (either on your own server or on some other server that allows 
access to the transport and "register" or similar. I am not familiar with 
Exodus. Some clients have call this "register agents" instead, if I remember 
Miranda right.


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