[ejabberd] How can you use the log to understand a problem

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 12:51:47 MSK 2008

2008/1/24, Alan Chandler <alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk>:
> I have, presumably, made a mistake in my ejabberd.cfg file, because
> after the last edit ejabberd will not start.
> The sasl.log indicated a crash - how can I use the information to find
> out what is wrong.  Los of careful reading by hand is not helping

There may be several error messages, all related to the same reason.
Usually the first error message indicate the reason, and the others
are consequences of the first error.

The most common error messages are described here:

If your problem is a syntax error in ejabberd.cfg, then you probably
see something like:
  =ERROR REPORT==== 11-Nov-2004::18:55:27 ===
    Can't load config file "ejabberd.cfg":
      {25, erl_parse, ["syntax error before: ", ["'{'"]]}
which is described in
It's usually easy to find the syntax error, with some experience.
If that's your problem, you can post here your ejabberd.cfg (the
version that includes the mistake) and somebody will probably find the
exact syntax error.

If you don't find your error message in that page, paste it here.
With some luck, somebody may know what's the exact problem.

Also, you must usually explain your environment:
 - what ejabberd version installed
 - how did you install ejabberd (source package, binary installer,
Operating System package)

> Is it like the database has got screwed.  Is there something I can do
about it?

When ejabberd starts, it reads the config file and stores it in a
table in the Mnesia database. If you don't have users or any other
valuable information stored in that database, you can destroy it:
1. Make sure ejabberd is not running
2. Locate the Mnesia spool directory. Usually it's /var/lib/ejabberd/db/
3. Remove the spool files. They are named acl.DCD ...
4. When ejabberd is started again, it will generate the database again


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