[ejabberd] Gtalk and Gaim using ejabberd MUC implementation

Daniel Starin ds708 at columbia.edu
Fri Jan 25 17:53:41 MSK 2008

> Make sure that your MUC component has a fully qualified domain
> name. Also, make sure that your server to server communications work in
> general. Perhaps gtalk requires encryption and even a proper certificate.

Thanks for the response.  My server has a fully qualified domain name
(I specified it when ejabberd installed, and it matches the server
part of my jabber accounts on the server).  I tried the fix here
(http://www.ejabberd.im/fix-dns-srv) just to check.  As for s2s
communication with gtalk users, I can login and send messages from
dstarin@<my domain> to dstarin at gmail.com and back no problem.  I
enabled TLS by creating my own certificate and changing the the cfg
file and, as shown in the my jabber client log, I can see the TLS
handshake when login occurs but I still can't connect to
conference.<my server> with my gmail login.  But, again, I can connect
and create MUC rooms on jabber.org.  Any other suggestions when
working with ejabberd, gtalk, and MUC?



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