[ejabberd] authentication problems with RC1 and postgresql

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 08:37:14 MSK 2008

> Then I had a wild idea, and got a slightly older version of the pgsql from SVN:
> svn up -r 412
> Compiled, installed and ejabberd now allows me to login correctly!
> So the problem is related with this commit:
>   https://forge.process-one.net/changelog/ejabberd-modules/pgsql?cs=438
> You can compile the modified file yourself, or get it here:
> http://tkabber.jabber.ru/files/badlop/pgsql_util.beam
> If you try, tell me if it solves your problem or not.

Thanks!  I'll download that beam file and try it out this weekend.
Right now we are using openfire, which I would like to get rid of


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